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There are a lot of complexities in legal work, and a lot of ways to go wrong. Even little inconsistencies in your company's documentation can lead to catastrophic consequences in the future. As a result, it's advisable to have a qualified legal authority to review your business documents and provide you with sound legal guidance.

It is impossible to overstate the value of having legally accurate written contracts with all of your co-founders, partners, workers, third parties, and occasionally even customers. This is to avoid making the error of creating informal verbal agreements with your stakeholders. As a result, taking professional lawyers' help helps reduce the risk of future legal issues overall.

What are legal services required by startups?

In this section, you will learn about some of the primary legal services that a reputed law firm will provide and that practically every startup business requires:

  • Entity formation/registration

It's a good idea to register your startup with the relevant government authority in the country where you're doing business, as this gives your business a legal status and protects it. It is also simpler to get cash, rent business property, and so on.

  • Filing of Intellectual Property

As a startup company, you may develop several new procedures, products, logos, designs, and artwork. All of these fall under the category of intellectual property. You should always register the relevant patent, trademark, or copyrights to ensure that another company does not duplicate your ideas and that if they are, they can be held legally liable.

  • Employee Management / Service Agreement

Your company may hire its employees, outsource work to freelancers, or enter into contracts with third parties for various reasons. This necessitates the preparation of proper written agreements/contracts that clearly define each party's rights and responsibilities.

  • Policy on Personal Information Protection

This is yet another popular term that you will find on the internet very frequently. When collecting any confidential information from your customers, this is a requirement. In your privacy policy, you must state to what extent and why you will use or disclose that information to others. Once a user agrees to your privacy policy, you are legally free to do whatever you want with the information in it.

  • Financials

You should seek legal advice on the best financing choices for your startup. So, it is mandatory to ensure that an expert lawyer checks and approves all your financial paperwork. A term sheet, a shareholder or stockholders' agreement, a subscription agreement, a stock purchase agreement, a non-disclosure agreement, and so on are examples of these documents. You should ensure that a lawyer proofreads your company's plans to ensure that they are appealing to investors.


These are some of the most crucial legal services that practically every startup requires. However, you may require many more depending on the type of business you own. Besides, these services are mandatory if you want your business to have legal protection and avoid legal issues in future. Rasma Legal is a team of expert lawyers that can help you with high-quality and consistent legal services. You can reach out to them to ensure that all the legalities of your startup are in the proper state.

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