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What is the Blockchain?

Blockchain refers to a technology that records all transactions on a digital ledger. The uniqueness of these records is that they cannot be altered in any way. These blocks of information are linked through cryptography. The information on a Blockchain can be easily verified and is open to the public. Moreover, Blockchains are decentralized, and the data is shared across all computers on the network.

Blockchain for Business

Through the distributed ledger technology, you and your business partners will be able to access the same information in real-time, thereby improving total efficiency, building trust, and certainly removing frictions, if there are any. These are the benefits of migrating to Blockchain:

  • Consensus: All participants must validate the transaction, and then shared ledgers are updated.
  • Replication: Upon approval of a block, it is automatically created across the ledgers. Every participant in the network is privy to a single trusted reality of the transactions.
  • Immutability: Blocks can be added but not removed. Hence, we always have a permanent record of every transaction.
  • Security: Only trusted entities can create and access the blocks. Our legal expertise will prove beneficial to you in your journey of setting up Blockchain for business. As a legal consultant, we can ensure your company’s transition to the blockchain is smooth and efficient.

What are NFTs?

NFTs are non-fungible digital tokens created on the Blockchain. NFTs allow you to allocate assets and verify them through the Blockchain. We encourage you to consider NFTs as there are ample opportunities for users. In the recent past, the rapid expansion of start-ups into enterprise-level businesses is witnessed.

These are the reasons why you should use NFT technology to grow your business to a fast pace:

  • Counterfeit-proof one-time use promotional tools: Blockchain codes and QR codes cannot be  copied. Hence, you can issue coupons, discounts, event tickets, etc., which will be tamper-proof.
  • Customer loyalty program: A digital NFT loyalty card will allow customers to add up loyalty points every time they use your business. Once they reach a threshold, you can issue rewards or discounts on the Blockchain to be used in your store.
  • Cause-related marketing: You can use NFTs to raise money for causes in your town or city. You could even support local charities and encourage geographic-affinity marketing.
  • Secure fundraising for expansion: An NFT campaign is a cost-effective method of collecting funds to expand your business as opposed to a bank loan. Donors will be able to track their donations.
  • Sweepstakes: Such a marketing campaign is usually only possible for big enterprises. However, with some creativity, NFTs will allow even small businesses to initiate highly engaging gamification marketing.

How Can We Help You?

At RasmaLegal, our legal services are aimed at providing start-ups and enterprises with the best solutions in Blockchain and NFTs. Regardless of the industry, we have successfully helped various companies in the NFT marketplace over the last few years. Our team of legal consultants at RasmaLegal are prepared to work on any complex requirement to offer you solutions based on the latest technologies.

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Disclaimer: This publication is for informational purposes only and does not provide any legal advice.